Jacob Gluck

Founder, CEO

Jacob started his career on Wall Street before moving back to Atlanta in 2012, where he began his entrepreneurial career building Goza Tequila.

Lauren Kaufman

Co-Founder, Sales Director

Lauren worked for United Distributors—Georgia’s largest distribution company—for six years in their on-premise sales division, averaging over $3M in sales a year. Kaufman’s leadership, talent, and experience ensures that the Goza sales team thrives.

Michael Handman

Sales Director

Handman comes with a deep wealth of sales experience within the beverage alcohol industry, and has worked for top-tier distributors (Empire Distributors) and suppliers (Int’l Bev. Co., Distel USA) alike.

Adam Hirsch

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Adam is an Emmy award-winning producer, bringing unique experiences and creativity to the Goza team.

Noel Bambrough


Noel has been involved in the craft spirits business for the past four years, previously acting as the CFO of a distillery and marketing company. Noel has an MBA and completed the AMP Program at the Harvard Business School.

Armando Esparza

Director, Mexico Operations

Armando has over a decade of experience working in every facet of tequila production, marketing, and sales in Mexico. He resides in Jalisco, Mexico, and handles all components of Goza’s Mexico operations and tequila production.

Ben Leslie

Brand Strategy/Marketing

Among other things, Ben identifies future partnerships and sponsorship opportunities that optimize and engage target consumers, while furthering Goza's brand vision. He just recently earned his MBA at the University of Florida.

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