Try Our Famous Cocktails

Use our award-winning tequila to make one of our classic cocktails. Goza means enjoy, so enjoy these recipes and celebrate yourself with us to enjoy life, enjoy friends, and enjoy the moment.

Mayan Mule

INGREDIENTS: Goza Tequila Reposado ginger juice Angostura bitter 1 lime sea salt mint leaves DIRECTIONS: Mix 3 oz of ginger beer with juice of half a lime, 1.5 oz Goza Tequila Reposado and 2 dashes of Angostura bitter. Serve it with plenty of ice and garnish with fresh mint leaves and a slice of lime.

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Blackberry Mint Refresher

INGREDIENTS: Goza Tequila Blanco 3 large blackberries 4 mint leaves 2 teaspoons of cane sugar grapefruit juice crushed ice DIRECTIONS: In a large cocktail shaker muddle 3 large blackberries, 4 mint leaves and 2 teaspoons of cane sugar. Add 2 parts tequila blanco, 1 part grapefruit juice and crushed ice. Share and pour everything into…

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Bloody Maria

INGREDIENTS: Goza Tequila Blanco bloody mary mix hot sauce 1 lime sea salt celery stalk DIRECTIONS: Bloody Mary has nothing on this Bloody Maria. To make this sassy Bloody Maria, first rub lime around the glass rim and dip the glass in sea salt. Add ice cubes and set aside. In a separate glass, combine…

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